DCE Parts - BMW G05 X5 M50i G06 X6 M50i Catback Axleback Valvetronic Exhaust


DCE Parts - BMW G05 X5 M50i G06 X6 M50i Catback Axleback Valvetronic Exhaust

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Our DCE Parts - BMW G05 X5 M50i G06 X6 M50i Valvetronic upgrade exhausts are made from high-grade stainless steel. Our valvetronic exhaust are developed for perfect drivability and comfort in mind with the valves closed, however, you can switch to a sportier exhaust note with the valves open. The comfort on highway journeys is sublime, barely introducing more sound to the cabin than original. Even with the valves open, the comfort levels are surprisingly high, while the fun factor is also fantastic when you floor the throttle.

Our exhaust systems uses electronic or vacuum actuators for the valves, which are controlled by a separate controller. The high quality valves are durable and reliable and offer the best of both worlds in terms of sound and drivability.


The DCE Parts Valvetronic Axleback exhaust is available for the following cars

  • BMW¬†G05 X5 M50i OPF
  • BMW G06 X6 M50i OPF
  • BMW¬†G05 X5 M50i Non OPF
  • BMW G06 X6 M50i Non OPF


  • High Grade Stainless Steel
  • High Grade Electric Valves
  • Includes Remote Controls
  • Includes Valve Controller
  • Includes Electric cables
  • Includes 12V Power Supply

Our exhaust can be fitted with optional exhaust tips

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