DCE Parts -  BMW S63B44 F10 M5 F06 F12 F13 M6 - Catless / High Flow Cat Downpipe


DCE Parts - BMW S63B44 F10 M5 F06 F12 F13 M6 - Catless / High Flow Cat Downpipe

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DCE Parts -  BMW S63B44 F10 M5 F06 F12 F13 M6 - Catless / High Flow Cat Downpipe

The DCE Parts Downpipe for the BMW S63B44 F10 M5 F06 F12 F13 M6 can be specced as a Full Catless Version or with High Flow Catalytic Converters.

With the placement of a bigger downpipe the turbo spools up quicker due to a lower back pressure. The turbo starts to build up pressure at lower speeds. It also manages to build it pressure quicker after gear changes. The installation of the downpipe alone usually provides 15 HP and 25Nm extra. By installing the downpipe, you will enhance the sound of your vehicle as well.

For proper operation and optimal power output, the vehicle will need remapping of the ECU to accommodate the catless downpipe. This product is not suitable for road use.



Most DCE Parts Downpipes can be specced with a full straight Decat, a Catalytic Converter Look (but with empty cat) or with a High Flow Cat.

DCE Parts introduced a line up of Downpipes that not only offer more performance, but also much nicer sound. The DCE Parts Downpipes are optionally specced with a Catalytic Look while being catless, for enhance sound and a OE/Catted look. The DCE Parts Downpipe can also be fitted with a High-Flow Cat.


The Catless downpipes and Catless Catalytic Look Downpipes are only suitable for off-road use. The 200 Cell Sport Metallic Catalytic Converter Downpipes are suitable for road use in most Countries. We recommend to check your local law before purchasing the downpipes.

Please note that software optimisation might be mandatory to get the best performance and remove CEL errors.


Contact us for more information.


This item fits the following BMWs:

Please provide us with your VIN number in the email if you're in doubt which version you need.

  • BMW F10 M5
  • BMW F06 F12
  • BMW F13 M6

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